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About me

I'm glad to welcome you to my website. My name is Svetlana Goncharenko.
I was born in 1987 in a small town Svitlovodsk which is situated in central part of Ukraine. I loved to draw from my childhood. After school graduating I chose the profession of architect. But my life have changed when one day I discovered sand animation.
This wonderful form of modern art has no analogues. I was amazed by sand fairytale made by skilful hands of the artist on the glass surface. My keen interest turned into a passion, passion turned into a hobby, and finally, sand animation has become my profession.

Sand Art

The sand show by Svetlana Goncharenko, is an elaborate show that combines visual art and music.

With only her hands and an illuminated box on which sand is placed, the artist Svetlana Goncharenko generates the most moving stories, taking viewers on a ride of varying scenery and constantly changing atmospheres.

Sand art is one of the most popular types of visual show. This amazing and unique art experience is appealing to both children and adults.
Svetlana creates an unforgettable show: fantastic video and photo from sand.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion - уникальная техника покадровой анимации, благодаря которой статичная картинка приходит в движение, как по волшебству!
Покадровый съемка поможет привлечь и удержать клиентов, ярко представив свой товар в деталях.
Отличный формат для демонстрации ваших услуг, и позволяет по-новому взглянуть на ваш продукт.
Это яркое и эмоциональное видео точно запомнится.
Убедитесь сами, каким магнетизмом заряжены такие ролики:

Light Painting

Light Painting act


This year I was a part of this impressive concert with a sand show accompanied by live music by Tatyana Stupak and Victoria Pastella Talented pianist Tatiana Stupak held a special charity concert dedicated to her birthday in Κourion Ancient Amphitheater, Cyprus on June 10, 2018. The concert was...



UIPM Awards 2018

10th of November, I was part of the UIPM Awards 2018 UIPM (International Union of Modern Pentathlon Eighty nations were represented at a Congress in Limassol (CYPRUS) I attended a special gala dinner which incorporated the UIPM Annual Awards. This was a very special event, and it was wonderful...

We living in smart houses that fit our necessarys and help improve our live. We use technologies that allow us to be more productive, more innovative at a faster pace, realizing our ideas and projects. I had the opportunity to attend the largest IT conference and business conference in Croatia...



OSHOW (Cyprus2017)

SAND and LIGHT art show in Cyprus with great OShow Entertainment (14.05 - 5.11. 2017). Unique tricks, outstanding performances, by Top professional Artists with great experience around the world created amazing show full of admiration in the best Cyprus hotels Four Seasons Hotel Limassol Cyprus ,...



"Zaporuka" Foundation

I created a short sand art video dedicated specially to the International Childhood Cancer Day.

I created a short sand art video dedicated specially to the International Childhood Cancer Day. The idea of animation is to show the love for life and the struggle of life. I didn’t want to create a very dramatic story. I think that sick children don’t need pity. They need real help and more...


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