Christmas show "Roncalli's circus meets classic"

For two consecutive years, I participated in "Roncalli's circus meets classic" Christmas show. Circus Roncalli is a German circus founded in 1976 by Bernhard Paul and André Heller. One of it’s projects is Performance by artists based on classical music performed by various symphony orchestras. New year of 2011 I spent on the stage in Bremen. I was performing sand animation accompanied by an orchestra under the direction of Alexander Mottok for 16 thousand visitors of musical theatre. A year later, from 22 December 2011 till 1 January 2012, the concerts under the "Circus Roncalli meets classic" were held in the Philharmony of Dortmund. Circus performances have reunited with the sounds of classical music. This time the music director of the event was Georg Pommer.